Naked Lunch, America.

"Into the Interior: a vast subdivision, antennae of television to
the meaningless sky. In lifeproof houses they hover over the
young, sop up a little of what they shut out. Only the young bring anything in, and they are not young very long. (Through the bars of East St. Louis lies the dead frontier, riverboat days.) Illinois and Missouri, miasma of mound-building peoples, groveling worship of the Food Source, cruel and ugly festivals, dead-end horror of the Centipede God reaches from Moundville to the lunar deserts of coastal Peru.

America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting."


Oh Kansas...

I-70 wind farm
like an alien landscape
aero machine figures animated yet oddly immobile
buzzing in passing
The land gently rolls on and on

Constant thoughts of passage; rite of,
act of, architectural,
of the eye in film
a fascination with what needs to be present
in every passage


Liminal Kansas...

the seasons bloody hands, dirt roads
runaway cattle, cheating wife
runaway daughter, constant breeze
95 degree heat, no shade
windmill pumping, extracting, pulling
the order, the sequence, the monotany
the chaos, good sex!
terribly boring sex, god and death
pray for rain, get an abortion
live free, another tractor loan
live off the land, die by the land
what does night hold
what are the dreams, haunting realities
hidden desires, fantasy orgies with black and
puerto rican women, rain
the next harvest, train lines to no where
or every where, train never comes
neither does life, or poetry, or passionate
sexual encounters with a stranger
that taste of love, the death of innocence
abandonment of what learned for whats known
lightning storms and small children, the fields
the horizon and limitless imagination
she does me and I do her, or vice versa
time is running out, but relax and take your time
yet hurry up, but be thoughtful
push the limits and ride this till the very end.


An America?

a few thoughts written some time ago about a dream trip across the states united...

harmony korine, the dark twisted others left behind
felice brothers, new witnesses to the tears, blood and anguish
st. louis arch, the gateway, east to west, good luck?
kansas plains, liminal mental zone
indian massacre, everywhere, always, forever
the miners, ascent, descent, the light of day, is it blinding?
main street, how long is it? does it ever end? at washington?
the steel mills, the heat the hardship, the human spirit is tested daily
the rail yards, the train stations
the hobos, the fringe element. between all worlds, the unknown
a buffalo stampede
detroit, what was could never be, a modern dream extinguished
the performance, our entertainment, the circus, freak show spectacle!
pittsburgh, blackened smoke unbearable air show, to breathe, to choke
route 66, where did it lead
birmingham + selma, the bridge + the king, truest of intellectuals, going about 'the way'