An America?

a few thoughts written some time ago about a dream trip across the states united...

harmony korine, the dark twisted others left behind
felice brothers, new witnesses to the tears, blood and anguish
st. louis arch, the gateway, east to west, good luck?
kansas plains, liminal mental zone
indian massacre, everywhere, always, forever
the miners, ascent, descent, the light of day, is it blinding?
main street, how long is it? does it ever end? at washington?
the steel mills, the heat the hardship, the human spirit is tested daily
the rail yards, the train stations
the hobos, the fringe element. between all worlds, the unknown
a buffalo stampede
detroit, what was could never be, a modern dream extinguished
the performance, our entertainment, the circus, freak show spectacle!
pittsburgh, blackened smoke unbearable air show, to breathe, to choke
route 66, where did it lead
birmingham + selma, the bridge + the king, truest of intellectuals, going about 'the way'